Progressive Web Apps: The Future Of Web Development

What is Web Application?

You must be wondering what web application is? A Web application or randomly known as Web app is an Application Software that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface. Web services are Web applications by definition.

What is Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps is nowadays the most flourishing trend worldwide, it is the new buzz in the web development community. The developmental phase has been different in the desktop web development and mobile devices. The native apps are still in use, there is no way they are going to fade away with time.

A Progressive Web App is all about delivering a native app-like experience to the users by utilizing modern web techniques. According to Google, progressive web apps used modern capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. Features of the Progressive Web Apps include; Home Screen Icon, Push Notifications, Splash Screen, Geo Location, Offline Mode, Background Synchronization Accessing Media Features from Audio, Video, and Camera Devices.

Progressive Web App is the future of web development without any doubt because the e-commerce sites, restaurants, and media sources will soon transition from native app to Progressive Web App.

7 reasons why progressive web development is the future of Web Development:

1. User’s Access:

Progressive Web App is trending in the mobile experience because it does not need any download or installation, the customer can search your website through Google and immediately access the progressive web application without any downloading or wait.

2. Offline Access to Content

Progressive Web Development is all about access to content offline. It helps the app to work offline and send push notifications with reloading content. Service Workers use cache and gather API to quickly load your Progressive Web Application.

3. User Engagement is Higher

The Allow or Deny dialogue box which appears on many websites gives you the advantage that with a single click, you can add the website to the homepage.

4. Fine-tuning Made Easier

Another benefit of the Progressive Web application is that you don’t need to contact the app store to make tweaks and you can fix the bugs and errors on the go and don’t need to waste time on writing two separate codes for Android and Apple devices.

5. Progressive Web Apps are More Secure

Cyber threats are always top of the list for web and app developers. Websites are now being programmed in HTTPs and it is easy to launch a Progressive Web App in a secure environment to keep your personal information safe and secure

6. Speed of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are highly reliable and efficient about the speed. Java Scripts and Service Workers run separately from the main web thread due to which PWA load instantly, without taking a grant of your internet speed.

7. Native App Flexibility

Accessing PWA in your browser allows you a similar experience as that of a native app and the shell of Progressive Web App imitates like an application.