Responsive Websites: Advantages Of Mobile Applications

Reaching to 2020 fast forward, it has been noted that more than 80% of the world’s population stays with the mobile each passing moment. Everything has shifted to mobile phones and as compared to desktop and PCs, mobile phones and smartphones have taken all over the world. All things including services, products, and even supplies are now accommodated by mobiles and tablets.

We have moved to half of the year 2020 and with over 3.2 billion smartphone users and more than 210 billion mobile applications being downloaded around the whole globe, and mobile application development is extremely another field that is grossing daily.

The development has also flourished since 2017, from Graphics to Designs and Web Development, everything has gone through a vast change to bring ease to the humans. Well, you might have ever heard that every business should have a website. Let’s come to the fact, most businesses have at least one website that is functional, and due to the function, the business has lead to success.

Businesses nowadays consider Mobile App Development to stay ahead of the competition. But, why? Now let us have a look at why a mobile application plays as a game-changer for any business.

Here are the 9 reasons which prove that mobile applications are important for your business to reach the top

  • Mobile Apps are faster:

Mobile Applications are approximately 1.5 times faster than mobile websites and they perform actions much faster. Applications store the data locally on your device which happens in the blink of an eye. Mobi-sites use JavaScript to run functions and apps run on frameworks which is five times faster which provides the user with a seamless experience.

  • Personalized content:

It is all about priorities

All of the Mobile Phone users love personalized content for an immersive experience. Users love highly tailored content according to their preferences and priorities. Communication happens in the language which the user understands. User-centric personalization is critical in making their experience delightful. It is based on a user’s interest, behaviors, location, culture, etc. And mobile apps make it easy to cater to personalized experiences. The app will observe their engagement and behavior to offer custom recommendations and filter updates for them depending upon their actual location in real-time. Ease and Ease are all around!

  • Instant Online and Offline access:

Another advantage of Mobile apps is that they offer seamless experiences with their ability to work Offline and Online. All mobile apps offer instant access by a tap. They allow users to consume their content quickly offering seamless experience Ability to work offline and playing offline games is the most fundamental difference between an application and a mobile website.

  • Device features:

Mobile apps have an added advantage where user can code an app into utilizing various features of a native device. So, once downloaded they can use features like Camera and GPS to connect with maps and other services. Hence giving you a better experience with quality.

  • Push Notifications and instant updates

To send push notifications and instant updates are the major reasons why a business should build an app. In-App notifications are received when a user opens an application on their devices while push notifications are received on devices regardless of a user opens an app or not. It keeps the user updated at all times with all the latest features. It will also allow you to promote products and services regularly increasing your sales and profits. Sounds beneficial, isn’t it?

  • Branding and Design

Your Mobile Application becomes your Brand Ambassador with profits and success.

Mobile applications can be designed to support swipe gestures including drag, pinch, hold, tap, double-tap, and more, which creates a user-friendly impact. Every mobile app is customized according to a company’s branding and mobile phones are the best option in town. The customization happens as you desire and the app then becomes 24/7 earning salesman.

  • Productivity Improvement and Cost reduction:

The biggest benefit mobile apps give to the user is to help in expanding the audience within a short duration by reducing marketing costs. It increases communications between employees and customers and increases productivity by 20–40%. Marketing and advertisement spend get reduced drastically because of the social media platforms.

  • Interactive Engagement:

Mobile applications have their own interfaces that allow users to experience a two-way immersive experience. Nowadays websites can habituate their customers with task-based associations over apps with easy accessibility. This improves user’s engagement experience for purchase and contact which directly boosts your success.

  • Increased SEO potential:

The in-app content and website content both matter for your business a lot more than anything. Various search engines and Google rank the in-app content which can help you to modify your content and climb in the search results. You can optimize your application on respective app stores to rank you highly and ensure your application’s success via SEO smart tricks for application optimization.